Opening Hearts and Minds

    We use innovative training methods to maximize professional and personal development leading to new possibilities and creating space for growth.

  • What We Offer

    - With an Innovative and Experiential Learning Environment

    Experiential Workshop


    Topics include:


    Vision Creation;

    Powerful Communication;

    Creative Collaboration;


    Addressing Challenges;

    Enabling Solutions & Actions;


    Team Building;



    Project Management;

    (Women's) Leadership Development;

    Diversity & Inclusion;

    1:1 Coaching



    Topics include:


    Reaching a Goal;

    Finding a Purpose;

    Identifying Your Vision;


    Seeing New Possibilities;

    Knowing Yourself;

    Decision Making;


    Successes Reflection;

    Stress Management;



    Self Leadership;

    Self-Development Strategy;

    Points of You® Experience


    Packages include:


    Points of You® Level 1 Training: Hello Points Workshop;


    Points of You® Level 2 Training: Creative Practice Workshop;


    Points of You® Level 3 Training: Turning Point Program;


    Tailor-made Points of You® Experience for You or Your Organization;


    Tibetan Singing Bowl Experience


    Services include:


    Chakra Balancing Therapy;

    Full Moon Therapy;

    Relaxation Sound Therapy;


    Sound Massage;

    Water Massage;


    Sound Healing;

    Singing Bowl Concert;



  • Sign up for the Upcoming Events


    September 7: Points of You® Level 1 Training: Hello Points Workshop


    Past Events

    August 11: Tibetan Singing Bowl Studio Pre-Opening​

    July 31: Discussion of Female Entrepreneurship @ Shanghai American Center

    July 27: Points of You® Level 1 Training: Hello Points Workshop

    July 19-24: Somatic Coaching Course (Online)

    July 17: 2019 "Review in the Summer" Party

    May 26: Zooming In to Communicate

    May 12: My Photo Album, a Signature Points of You® Workshop

    May 11: Zooming In, a Signature Points of You® Workshop

    April 28: The Coaching Game Experience

    April 5: My Photo Album, a Signature Points of You® Workshop

    March 3: Reset the Year, Personal Development Experiential Workshop


  • The Methodologies Behind

  • Testimonials

    “Most of the trainers tell others how to do, Susanna inspires others to make it happen by themselves.”

    – Silvia Q.

    “The session is very well structured, I love the flow of how it developed. I’m amazed how Susanna connected the physical well-being with mental well-being and social well-being. Susanna has such a strong and unique ability to hold the space for all of us and give the space for us to express. We were so engaged in this session that we didn’t realize three hours had passed! I really hope that there will be more sessions coming up for me to participate again.”

    -Grace L.


    -Felicia G.

    “I really enjoyed getting out of the office and hearing some of the quieter colleagues speak up and share their childhood or personal stories. I feel like the whole office got closer to each other and we were laughing all the time. Susanna is a super engaging leader and she got our whole team to really think about the meaning of women leadership, as well as all the ways our experiences connected to the theme and connected to one another. I wish we had more time with Susanna! It was such a unique experience that I think more women in China should get the chance to participate in.”

    -Penny W.

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    17F, China Overseas International Center, Tower B, No. 838 South Huangpi Road, Shanghai, China

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